July Mémoir

Well summer is almost ending… Trees are still green, the sea will always be blue… 

Dedicating this post to the beautiful July… 

It’s been a while since I shared the love of my other side… I did however say that my photography blog would be back a few weeks ago, (said and never done) LOL but unfortunately my laptop broke down on me, and most of us know how tough it is to do various of things on your smartphone or whatever… especially if you are a really social person like my guilty self here… LOL. Safe to say that I was busy on and off, hopefully this way sums it up and you can finally catch up with all my artwork.

”And finally got a new PC, I don’t trust laptops anymore…” and that’s what she said…

As of now, I am currently updating my facebook art blog and it should be back live in less than 2 weeks. I am so happy to share this with you! It’s one of those things I enjoy doing most other than fashion and it is a huge part of my life, as you can probably already tell…  it’s a plus if you know me in person! 🙂

Be happy and take more photos, capture those special moments because they can remind you so many memories to smile and think about! 

Check out a few pictures I took during the last week of July, we did have a few beautiful sunsets that I am so glad I captured them, nature never fails to amaze me, never underestimate mother earth!


Peacocks In Awe

My recent visit to Peacocks and honestly I was in awe.. but really how gorgeous are these embroidered loafers?! I am not a ”flat shoes person” but I definitely need to include loafers in my closet for sure! Love all things golden so that handbag at the bag would absolutely look good matched with these loafers along with a simple black dress and a cute jacket! Just imagine the look…

Loafers here | Tote Bag Here


Day Versus Night

So, as I was browsing through the web today, I was looking at fall trends this season and then I though, wait, I have a Polyvore account which I’ve left behind for months now and then I realised how Important it was to log back into it. lol. So here is a little outfit I put out together, hope you like it as much as I do. 🙂

I will surely be using Polyvore a little or more often as I love to play with colours and different styles, of course in their App as it’s on the go-go, which I so love!

These colours can go so well together so I wanted to give them, this Autumnal ‘warm vibe-like’ theme. I would loose the belt, maybe the pants, add on a bold liner and just be glamorous! No matter the time of the day, don’t be afraid to add a touch of colour, that will make any outfit pop within the colour range, a touch of sparkle too right?! 😉

Style it my way: Throw on a nice neutral trench coat or jacket on top, making sure the colour is matching with the shoes I am wearing.

Day versus Night


Day versus Night by reneloves featuring red leggings

Checks vs Chess

Don’t be afraid to go bold whenever the weather! Mix it up just the way that you want but here is a little stylish tip: too much is never enough but don’t over do it, don’t let it wear you, when you know you are the boss!

Oh! Houndstooth! One of my very faves patterns of all time! Any time, any season!

What I Am Weearing

LOUIS VUITTON @ Medium Check Handbag

RIVER ISLAND @ Rich Cotton Leggings

NEW LOOK @ Leather High Ankle Shoes

Thrift & Nails

As my very first post to this journey, let’s make it quick…; this new little red lips handbag I found during last month though, can’t wait to rock it with an outfit, simply fashionable and we can’t argue with that!


Get even longer looking nails instantly by varnishing random lines (doesn’t have to be perfect) Art is not perfect: just right at the centre, like I did in the photo above, my nails are naturally long, I don’t use anything artificial as this is taking far too much of my time to put up with, I always prefer having beautiful bold colours.