Peacocks In Awe

My recent visit to Peacocks and honestly I was in awe.. but really how gorgeous are these embroidered loafers?! I am not a ”flat shoes person” but I definitely need to include loafers in my closet for sure! Love all things golden so that handbag at the bag would absolutely look good matched with these loafers along with a simple black dress and a cute jacket! Just imagine the look…

Loafers here | Tote Bag Here


It’s Minimal Vibez 

Hi darlings, sorry I have gone for a while last, that’s like more than a month and less than two *sighs*. I am back and running now, not saying much on this post but enjoy the looks! ❤

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Ready for this new *oh so long* week but less than you think? 😉 Cheer up! Let’s go!

Just a quick post, a bit of an update really, few of my fave outfits I did the past few weeks in my old red hair. I hope you like them, leave a comment of your favourite and how you would you style them. I love hearing those… 

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Flatter and Coffee

OKAY! Can we skip to summer a little faster yet? If you are a summer person, you can fully relate ( High five, if you were born during summer =} ) Always on mind whichever, every other season, I don’t care… I promised myself I wouldn’t change hair colour again, but what can I do, I am so colourful sometimes I feel like colours aren’t enough that I need more than that; crazy, weird, wild and free. Nobody cares if you feel good about something is because you love to! 😉

I love my bun buns, but I am definitely not about that bun life, they give me headache after a while… and that is why you will mainly see me with loose hair… lol

This month has been so crazy busy, I’ll tell you later…

Clothes and outfits keep me motivated, I love creating, and that means more inspiration for me and ore for you… 🙂 let me know what you think of this look on comments bellow!





For the love of shoes! (Wishlist)

Shoes, shoes and shoes!

Winter is here but I am actually going against it, like every other winter… Although it’s a boot season, (for most); that doesn’t mean you cannot wear any other shoes, I love pairing my ”not-so-winter-shoes” with warm socks, depending on my mood and my type of light shoes!. If I am going to wear boots, they have to be high heeled; yes please! (My shoes remain safer that way). But that is just how I feel…

Bellow are just a few of my top picks I selected for December’s wish list; and yes you can still wear ( sandals ) during winter, but, in case of ‘high’ snow conditions, avoid walking in them, but instead keep them in your shoe bag ( if you’re going somewhere special). Always handy no matter the weather!



Black Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boots | New Look

Cream Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boots | New Look


Grey Comfort Suedette Metal Trim Ankle Boots | New Look


















Let me know which one would you wear? Any faves?