Peacocks In Awe

My recent visit to Peacocks and honestly I was in awe.. but really how gorgeous are these embroidered loafers?! I am not a ”flat shoes person” but I definitely need to include loafers in my closet for sure! Love all things golden so that handbag at the bag would absolutely look good matched with these loafers along with a simple black dress and a cute jacket! Just imagine the look…

Loafers here | Tote Bag Here


That Extra Something

I always love the simple and elegant look, but I tend to throw something extra in there ( there is always something missing, I am not complete until I find it) so I throw it.

Wearing my signature bracelets ”buttonlets” from my new label SIMBACHELLE, similar styles will be available in my brand new Etsy shop from later on, if you are wanting to get them you can always contact me.Follow @simbachelle on instagram for the latest.

Those George leggings are totally adorable, I got them this week and they are still available online and instore (scroll at end of paragraph for the link ), their quality is wonderful. I should do a video haul on this brand… Honest opinion, I love all of their collections.

I had a great day today, hope everyone had an amazing weekend, now I am preparing for the new week with the thoughts of completing what’s left to do. It will be Valentine’s week and I will absolutely make more time to do the most important things.

What are your plans for Valentine’s, if any?





For the love of shoes! (Wishlist)

Shoes, shoes and shoes!

Winter is here but I am actually going against it, like every other winter… Although it’s a boot season, (for most); that doesn’t mean you cannot wear any other shoes, I love pairing my ”not-so-winter-shoes” with warm socks, depending on my mood and my type of light shoes!. If I am going to wear boots, they have to be high heeled; yes please! (My shoes remain safer that way). But that is just how I feel…

Bellow are just a few of my top picks I selected for December’s wish list; and yes you can still wear ( sandals ) during winter, but, in case of ‘high’ snow conditions, avoid walking in them, but instead keep them in your shoe bag ( if you’re going somewhere special). Always handy no matter the weather!



Black Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boots | New Look

Cream Zip Front Block Heel Ankle Boots | New Look


Grey Comfort Suedette Metal Trim Ankle Boots | New Look


















Let me know which one would you wear? Any faves?


2016 River Island Hot Fall Wishlist!

We are still quite in the beginning of Autmun, so I wanted to share with you items I have recently seen online at River Island, that I wanted to get and may get soon!

Their products, what can I say: youthful with so much quality… what’s not to like? I simply love, love, love!  I’m sure you will find some amazing items you will love to get from this list, before the ”hot fall sales” end. 🙂 But enough talking, let’s get on it!