I love an outfit that has a lot to say. This is bold and brightens my day…

Pompoms can be such a cool way of styling up your look, in your clothes too…  just look at the difference that it makes… if not a pompom, then you can tie sometjing else on your knit…  I love red! It is such a powerful colour!

Dress : Topshop | Knit : George | Pom Pom: H&M | Necklace: Thrifted | Flannel : Primark


Red Dreams

RED! Has been a favourite for a long while now, I must admit though that, if I could wear it everyday I would, I may, I will… Christmas is near, it’s the perfect festive colour for that season too. My wardrobe is slowly increasing in colours and I love it; I remember when I was afraid to use colours, I then realised I was doing it for myself and not for what people would think. Ever since then I always believed to feel good, I will dress the way that I want and the way that I like. It’s one life and I strongly recommend you to start doing the same thing boo! C’mon, chin up and smile!

Blazer from Zara

Top from George

Skirt from thrift


I love a good and fashionable skirt…check out another outfit featuring this beautiful maxi skirt here



Sweet Like Poker

I just love colour, I don’t care;

I. Love. Everything. About. This. Skirt! Red! My favourite colour… and… it is vintage! Perfect… At first I thought it was a poker printed skirt, I only realised it wasn’t, after the second time that I wore it. When it’s opened, you can see the flower design on it. The drape is so beautiful, its movement so glamorous! What else can a woman need! Classic.

 ”I could go with some simple red hooped earrings, but I kept it simple…”

I totally adore that G21 shirt with the lace detail on it, so airy, plus super comfortable to wear… as for the pouch med bag from Primark, all I gotta say, that’s a beautiful design indeed.

Shirt: G21 | Light Jack: M&S | Bag: Primark | Shoes: Top-shop | Pom-pom: H&M