Highlights + New Beginnings

Well what a month but I am back! Bye March ! Hello April!

Happy New Month, I hope everyone is having an amazing month so far… any plans for the coming weekend?

Yet again, I said goodbye to another hair style! I am staying au naturel for as long as I can and letting my hair breathe out for a while. I think is more than safe to say that golden blond is one of my favourite colours to dye on the hair once a while. Super happy for my hair growth and I can’t believe how time pass so quick.

Also restarting my fitness routine and I am never, ever ever, planning to stop this time. There are some times you feel like giving up, don’t let that drain your energy down… motivation does not entirely have to come from other people. I’ve always believed that nothing in this world will motivate you more than your own self, and it’s always been this way for me. A few can’t find it, many will try, many will succeed and it all comes with the will to and being determined in going further up!

If there’s one thing I’ll ever regret, it’s giving up to my goals, fitness is one of them! I have created a new Instagram fitness page ( @getfitwithrene ) where I can track my progress and reach my goal… come join me if you like!

Balancing Life

It feels so good to be back…

I’ve just come to realisation that the last time I posted on here, it was just a while ago, a little part of me inside, faints… I love to write, but as much as I want to share my updates and stories with you all, it isn’t happening as often as I thought it would the past few weeks… I’ve been tremendously busy… LOL

I promised to myself that through out the new year, I will make my times for everything more controllable and less stressful. It’s as important as health. I am not giving up on anything I want to work on… Don’t ever let your dreams go to sleep, keep them wide awake…

Happy Holidays to you all, thank you so much for keeping up with me and my blog.

Let’s cherish the last few days of 2017 and I hope we all make it!!!

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