Balancing Life

It feels so good to be back…

I’ve just come to realisation that the last time I posted on here, it was just a while ago, a little part of me inside, faints… I love to write, but as much as I want to share my updates and stories with you all, it isn’t happening as often as I thought it would the past few weeks… I’ve been tremendously busy… LOL

I promised to myself that through out the new year, I will make my times for everything more controllable and less stressful. It’s as important as health. I am not giving up on anything I want to work on… Don’t ever let your dreams go to sleep, keep them wide awake…

Happy Holidays to you all, thank you so much for keeping up with me and my blog.

Let’s cherish the last few days of 2017 and I hope we all make it!!!

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July Insta-Highlights

Hi darlings! I hope you all enjoying the weekend! Oh my! I cannot believe how quickly, summer is ending, can we rewind!? If only… LOL.

July, I would say was one of the busiest months I faced thus far, which is why I felt like it ended quickly, as I wasn’t counting the days that went by! But, what’s important, is that I realised and learned about a lot of things, how to get better at what I do and how to do better in everyday life, like my daily routines and all that stuff! Met some really cool new people from the social media too! Everyday is a new day to learn something, trying on new things and enjoying what life has got to offer. A great thing to do at all times!

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How are you spending the last month of Summer?Β 




October Style Recap + Latest Outfits

October, was such a fun month for me as I got to discover new things and window shop quite a lot, visited and spent loads of time at the thrift stores and I must say that it is by far the biggest shopping I have ever done this whole year! (That’s like a record to myself. Lol.) I didn’t quite get to do a lot of OOTD’s the last month but I wanted to share with you so here is a few I picked and that definitely belong in my favourites.


A very small collective of ‘October Faves’ from Instagram!

Sunnies from Claire’s | Top by EWM Pure Classics | Necklace from Thrift | Blazer by Zara | Velvet Skirt by Henry Holland
Crop Top by New Look | Maxi by Viyella Vintage
All thrifted


—Recent Outfits Posted on Instagram—



Let me know which outfit you like best. πŸ™‚