One of my favourite garments in fashion is the houndstooth pattern, prints and or knitted work of it. It’s amazing how a work of a garment can make you feel.

I can’t remember the last time I felt like this, before eventually, and finally finding the name of this pattern 5 years ago. ( How on earth time flies like that… *sigh* ) 

Many people do not know pattern names so I think that, it’s always a great thing to do your research into items you need the answers to; It is actually called the Dogtooth in the English term. Houndstooth in other cases… so if you are looking into specific things always refer it in its all different names… Check out our awesome feed, that I am part of as one of the teams over Instagram here

I originally bought this coat from Amazon, a few years back, and yes that’s one of my favourite online places to shop at… in case you were wondering.


The top and leggings I am wearing down there, are from Primark. Most of the leggings that I buy are from there, I never look into buying a very high priced legging as I can even make my own but sometimes there isn’t enough time but can be balanced either way.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Thank you for being here…



Fake Furs and Prints

Smile, because it matters! 😊 What an amazing day it’s been, dressing up into something which I am comfortable in, makes me happy, nothing can beat that.

Houndstooth, a little glam and fake furs…   I got the denim cardigan and fur headwear from the thrift store. I love it there… always!

How a single item can change your whole look is fabulous. The ”split skirt” I am wearing here, is not an actual split skirt but that is between me and you… 🙂 It’s a shirt dress I got from Peacocks a little while ago. I just tied it at the back to create this look and wore a belt to keep it hold firm. I have to say that lately I have been playing with my clothes a lot more than I used to. LOL.

The weekend is near, it’s Wednesday, let’s go!


< img src=”https://renevibez.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/snapseed-3.jpg&#8221; height=”809″ class=”wp-image-8669″ width=”682″>

Knits and Crops 

It’s the weekend! I haven’t been this excited about a weekend until now. I think it’s cause’ the weekend allows me to do much more things lately than I ever did before and I do have this appreciation for it. I just will enjoy it as much as I can…

I so love knit dresses! You can wear those during all seasons and they will be just perfect! It’s an oversized, blue-toned knit dress I bought a few years ago, from George, this was my only purchase back then… and now, here these days I found myself attracted to the label, see a short George shopping haul I put up, here. I am in love with the trouser, you have probably seen this way too many times on my Instagram feed lol. It’s so soft and just wraps so comfortably around my body, perfect for this cold weather out here.

December… the last, it should be the best. Plan your new to-do things and if you want to work on something old, do it, refresh it, better it. Nothing better than perfecting your skills, just focus on them boo ♡

Everything by George, crop-top from Topshop