There is a new chapter to every story…

I am such a colourful person that sometimes I feel I am way too colourful and then I get upset for no reason about it, yes, I do! Unfortunately… LOL.

I love the colour black, is never too much black, how dangerously unapologetic…

  I want to really appreciate being minimal a little more, I have gone completely minimal with all my outfits, setting my closet right and colour coordinating it, meaning whites with whites, blacks with blacks, etc. and thus far I am loving it! I have never felt so stress-free with my wardrobe and it is safe to say that it does helps a lot to ease the mind from the typical clothing chaos! I had to put away in a suitcase, all of my most colourful items that I own. I feel quite sad in a way but this will help clear my mind for sure.

I hope you are all having an amazing week so far! Oh my! I cannot wait for the weekend! 


Knits and Crops 

It’s the weekend! I haven’t been this excited about a weekend until now. I think it’s cause’ the weekend allows me to do much more things lately than I ever did before and I do have this appreciation for it. I just will enjoy it as much as I can…

I so love knit dresses! You can wear those during all seasons and they will be just perfect! It’s an oversized, blue-toned knit dress I bought a few years ago, from George, this was my only purchase back then… and now, here these days I found myself attracted to the label, see a short George shopping haul I put up, here. I am in love with the trouser, you have probably seen this way too many times on my Instagram feed lol. It’s so soft and just wraps so comfortably around my body, perfect for this cold weather out here.

December… the last, it should be the best. Plan your new to-do things and if you want to work on something old, do it, refresh it, better it. Nothing better than perfecting your skills, just focus on them boo ♡

Everything by George, crop-top from Topshop