Hello Silver

And then I promised that I would not… LOL

When it comes to hair, I become so indecisive about it, sometimes I keep one colour for a short period of time and then other times for longer periods… I have always loved long hair, they are so glamorous… it can both be annoying and wonderful, not as easy to look after, but we are doing it anyway, just because we love the effect it gives to our personalities… at least for some!

Isn’t it a shame sometimes… ? LOL

Yes, if you have been following my instagram feed for a while you can remember I had a similar hair style and colour. And now I am back and totally prepared to enjoy the joys from being minimal up there along with my whole lifestyle, it’s incredible how your hair type can change your attitude. It shows in clothes too…

Happy New Year to you all!

Let go of the past and things you cannot change, keep doing the best you can to make most of your life the best of your life!

2017 was such a year for me! Had blasts, ups and downs, met some amazing people and had some really awesome achievements that I am deeply proud of ever than the year before it.

I am on “Page 10 of 365” let’s make it best selling….