Hi darlings, I hope everyone is enjoying the week so far! I can’t believe how fast August is going by, one more week to enjoy the vibe, that means end of summer real soon… ah the joys!

I have been so in love with colour for so long, that I somehow forgotten how cute it is, being minimal yet still bold at the same time, without having to worry about going wrong with colours, as the so popular saying “you ever go wrong with black and white”. I have always agreed to the fact! I now have come to a realisation that I didn’t quite appreciate the colour black and white or on their own. There is just something so pure and honest about those colours! Just like life, just because your day isn’t perfect doesn’t mean your life is ruined nor if you are wearing black or white clothes is always a bad, plain or a sad thing. 

Another week going great; not perfect ever! My clothing brand page on Instagram is now back and running, @simbachelle. We are not quite big yet but time for sure will show as more designs coming up this winter… so go ahead and give the page a follow and support it, if you like. Much appreciated! I had an Etsy online shop in the past, someone suggested I should keep; but shall I bring it back, what do you think? It’s handmade/machine after all… LOL




Another Direction

Black and white with some lace and a biker’s jack… and good music to keep me feeling cool as always!

My favourite combinations…

That white thing over my waist, it’s yet another oversized longsleeve shirt worn as a piece of belt basically… I do that because I believe that the look makes more sense, could be quite different, I like mixing up my clothes in the wrong way to make them look just right and no one would ever guess unless they have been told!

 Try that sometime!

Jacket: Topshop | Earrings: George | Lace Shirt: Thrifted | leggings: George | Long Sleeve Shirt: George




A Thoughtful Print

Hello my lovely readers, how are we today? I hope you’re all having a lovely week so far…

I have admired prints for a long while now, especially the leopard ones… I love animals to bits and as to that, I have stopped wearing furs for a very, very, long time now… so, if you see me in these some time, just know, ”it’s not real” I hate to say how sad the thought of it is. And yet so many manufacturers harm these creatures to produce your clothing, even though it’s so fashionable, fake furs can be the same only less harmful to the eyes, it does not have to be from an animal and that’s that!

By many it has been said, you can’t ever never go wrong with black and white, I have agreed to that in so many ways!

It’s that black and white thing going on over there…

I haven’t actually worn this shirt in a little while now, so I thought to myself why not wear it for today’s afternoon look which I styled up with a pair of Asos shades and a simple black blazer that I got from Zara. I love, love, love; that maxi black skirt, it just flaws so nicely when I walk, which again is from Zara! I feel that I quite actually own a few too many items from Zara (Shall I do a Zara Shopping haul, maybe?) *giggles*

A leather belt, or any other simple toned belt, it’s much of a go-go, if you are going to loose any other body accessories in your outfit! I love to leave mine a little open for that extra bit of ”flawlessness” ya’ know… It definitely completes me!





| Sunglasses: Asos | Belt: Zara | Shirt: Zara | Blazer: Zara | Maxi: Zara |

| Boots: Primark | Bag: Louis Vuitton |