Embracing Nature

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all well and healthy! I’ve been spending most of my time working out and eating better, I think is safe to say that I’ve never felt so strong! It’s the long weekend coming ahead, hope you are all spending it doing the things you enjoy the most!

They say the closer you are with nature the more you learn from it! And that’s the absolute truth! I have always loved nature, on earth, in trees and leaves! If I were a tree, I wouldn’t want to be near humans! We aren’t much alike!

So on to the good news! If I mentioned a bit on a previous post! “I am updating the blog” I will now begin uploading more of my photography work over here, I know it sounds mixed up. But then again fashion is art itself, just like nature is! I am a true friend of nature and I am strange and unusual… but that’s okay! ( If you are following me on Instagram it’s about the same vibe as here ) This is my personality, I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Always do what you love and while so embrace it!

Enjoy a few of my favourite photos taken from this week! (By the way, these ones are unedited and raw photographs taken from my iPhone 7 ) Catch you on my next post!

Highlights + New Beginnings

Well what a month but I am back! Bye March ! Hello April!

Happy New Month, I hope everyone is having an amazing month so far… any plans for the coming weekend?

Yet again, I said goodbye to another hair style! I am staying au naturel for as long as I can and letting my hair breathe out for a while. I think is more than safe to say that golden blond is one of my favourite colours to dye on the hair once a while. Super happy for my hair growth and I can’t believe how time pass so quick.

Also restarting my fitness routine and I am never, ever ever, planning to stop this time. There are some times you feel like giving up, don’t let that drain your energy down… motivation does not entirely have to come from other people. I’ve always believed that nothing in this world will motivate you more than your own self, and it’s always been this way for me. A few can’t find it, many will try, many will succeed and it all comes with the will to and being determined in going further up!

If there’s one thing I’ll ever regret, it’s giving up to my goals, fitness is one of them! I have created a new Instagram fitness page ( @getfitwithrene ) where I can track my progress and reach my goal… come join me if you like!

Let’s Talk Hair


So, lately I’ve been getting a lot of direct messages on the gram ( @renevibez )and most of them were about my hair. This gorgeous platinum hair… I know, I love them too and yes I know this ain’t everybody’s cup of tea but this is me! As promised, I hope today’s article of the story behind my hair life, responds to all your questions, so keep on scrolling and enjoy the read!

 If you already know… then you know..

Hands down! My final and most honest thought, it’s that I love hair! ( personally, long )  I don’t know what it is, just throw me a pile of hair and let me sleep on it. =D I have loved playing with hair since I was 14 years old! Where did all that time go? I would always wear a human hair weave-on or semi-synthetic wigs at the start of it all, as time went by I figured out ways and as I grew older and older, I learned a lot about hairs, not just from extensions but my own hair too. Yes I can make wigs ( No, I am not selling any just yet but I might consider it for the future, why not? ) and yes I do my own hair, I am self-taught. One must practice what they preach! I have done all sort of colours throughout my life…

  I’ve gone bald and wigged, trust me, it has been many, many times, it’s hair, it is okay, it grows. back.. don’t be afraid to change your outlook just because someone doesn’t like it. Their opinion does not matter at all! I have never liked the Idea of going to a hairdresser; like some would say, they never get it just right, only close… If you are a hairdresser reading this, I hope this does not offend you, it’s not my intent, keep doing what you love! 

So, back to this platinum beauty; many have asked if this is my real hair, umm… what do you say to that? It is hanging from my hair, it is extensions, ( yes they can be heavy on certain hair-dos ) but yes, I know, I can make exceptions that some people do not know the differences between real hair and natural hair and that applies to all races to be exact, before anyone starts saying this and that… LOL

I love this minimal colour and no I don’t think I would change this style anytime soon and to be exact, it has only been about a month and 1 week since installed. The only problem that I get,  is that my real hair underneath grow really fast ( if that is a problem ) So I will be taking them down this weekend to install fresh ones, you can wash them and re-use them but I don’t recommend, Is best to purchase new hair. I am using synthetic expressions hair extensions, I can use heat on them and they don’t tangle easily. No, I have chosen to stay on budget with low priced hair because I do not like to spend too much on them and I love it that way.








Another amazing week has just flown by… So, after going totally bald, and re-growing my hair, looking after my hair health, that rather grow quite fast I would say now; decided to finally fix up one of my wigs, cut it, wash it and style it, and girl, this beauty is fire!!! ( at least in my eyes… ) There is always so much fun! I like to believe that I am not that much of the girly girl, but people who know me well think otherwise, LOL Well you could say that yourself… but as long as I know myself, I love glitters, I hate pink ( I just don’t wear it, there is something I don’t like about it and I don’t know what, but I like to see others wear it, weird, I know! Not my cup of tea… ) I love doing my nails putting on wigs or extensions when I have my hair grown at a particular length, I do not wear make-up unless it is lipstick or an eyeliner, I don’t draw on my eyebrows, I am keeping it all healthy and nice. Pretty much that sums up a few things about my personality… =)

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Where are you located in the globe? Is it nice and sunny? I hate this weather, although I am so over with it! Typical British weather, if you know, you know…






Flatter and Coffee

OKAY! Can we skip to summer a little faster yet? If you are a summer person, you can fully relate ( High five, if you were born during summer =} ) Always on mind whichever, every other season, I don’t care… I promised myself I wouldn’t change hair colour again, but what can I do, I am so colourful sometimes I feel like colours aren’t enough that I need more than that; crazy, weird, wild and free. Nobody cares if you feel good about something is because you love to! 😉

I love my bun buns, but I am definitely not about that bun life, they give me headache after a while… and that is why you will mainly see me with loose hair… lol

This month has been so crazy busy, I’ll tell you later…

Clothes and outfits keep me motivated, I love creating, and that means more inspiration for me and ore for you… 🙂 let me know what you think of this look on comments bellow!





Floral Thoughts

The past few days have been so cold out here in the North of England, makes me wanna go back to my town, London, right now. Unfortunately now ain’t the time, but, I am enjoying seeing new stuff around here and exploring new things which is a great experience!

To be honest, I am not really into flower prints, but when I saw this skirt in the thrift store I definitely I had to have it in my wardrobe! I have always adored large scaled prints. I love the continuous action that’s going on there though, it’s so leafy, look closer… It’s so vintage and yet so elegant…

Check out how I did the nails in this outfit here

Neck charm: simbachelle | Bangle: from Greece | Top: New Look | Skirt: Thrifted |  Pants: Sports Direct | Trench Coat: London Fog




How do you feel about floral prints?






Golden Nights At The Beach

How I am missing the summer time, this outfit reminds me just that!

Love a good knit sweater, this by Australian Clothing Co. was the perfect choice to top up the outfit without the need of any jewellery, the belt I got from Topshop, added that little extra something… sometimes it’s good to keep things neat and simple. Love the crop-top that I found on a thrift boutique by Sophisticated Woman. The feel of that skirt by Essence is so smooth, it has a little sparkle all over it as if you are staring far at deep sea while there is a glorious bright sun warming it up. (The imagination is real) I took you there, admit it! 🙂




Summer Time Memories! (featuring NYC polishers)

Not very recently, I saw a bundle of nail polishers and I got stuck like glue, on that part I just had to get them all. I am not a professional, but if there is one thing I love about it, is that it’s art itself and as an artist I love to create and play with colours. It is safe to say that I can be very girly at times, I do love get my nails coloured, it’s fun even though the process takes time and that’s why I am not doing it a lot. I often prefer of just a top coat over my nails to keep them looking cute.

I love this cosmetic brand, their nail products are off the top! I must say it dries in less than a minute which is awesome!

I decided I should go ahead with a picture tutorial on how I done this week’s nails. I am missing summer at the moment; who else? -As you may already know, I was born during summer (August 8th), so it is by far the greatest season of every year, (for me at least…) especially here in England, that we are rarely ever getting the full pleasure of summer … Our typical England weather, that is, if you are around… lol

Nature is like my best friend…


I was inspired by the trees, I just love the branches of a tree and I love mother earth; with a bit of twist of turquoise tips, just like the classic ‘french’ style with white tips. 



  1. I apply the base in all nails, let it dry for a few seconds.
  2. I applied the blue glitter on small and the index finger and let it dry and then add the turquoise at the tips, just a bold line ‘freehand’.
  3. For the branch style, I used small piece of paper and then fold it, to use as tool my way, to draw out the lines. Just one big drop of the green varnish to the centre of the nail, it does not have to be the same but creative. I then applied the blue glitter on top. I let it dry and apply top coat.

It’s such a simple idea for beginners too 🙂


Get available colours here