Balancing Life

It feels so good to be back…

I’ve just come to realisation that the last time I posted on here, it was just a while ago, a little part of me inside, faints… I love to write, but as much as I want to share my updates and stories with you all, it isn’t happening as often as I thought it would the past few weeks… I’ve been tremendously busy… LOL

I promised to myself that through out the new year, I will make my times for everything more controllable and less stressful. It’s as important as health. I am not giving up on anything I want to work on… Don’t ever let your dreams go to sleep, keep them wide awake…

Happy Holidays to you all, thank you so much for keeping up with me and my blog.

Let’s cherish the last few days of 2017 and I hope we all make it!!!

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July Insta-Highlights

Hi darlings! I hope you all enjoying the weekend! Oh my! I cannot believe how quickly, summer is ending, can we rewind!? If only… LOL.

July, I would say was one of the busiest months I faced thus far, which is why I felt like it ended quickly, as I wasn’t counting the days that went by! But, what’s important, is that I realised and learned about a lot of things, how to get better at what I do and how to do better in everyday life, like my daily routines and all that stuff! Met some really cool new people from the social media too! Everyday is a new day to learn something, trying on new things and enjoying what life has got to offer. A great thing to do at all times!

Have you stopped by my Instagram feed yet? If not, go check it out! Daily posts of my looks and inspiring moments! 🙂 Come say hi!

How are you spending the last month of Summer? 




Fall Ready

Hi boo, let’s just start by saying that the season is changing again, but let’s not call it an excuse, wherever you are, but there is this one thing about England’s weather, is one of those things you learn to cope with; get dressed up for this rainy day and the next thing you know, the sun’s out and the rain is gone. Oh it has a mind of its own, *sigh*.


This weather didn’t do it for me much today, but my outfit saved my day! Don’t say you can’t wear a white garment during those dark and rainy days, yes, of course you can, with a good care, you’re off to greatness hun! I love my simple yet classy white jeans on this outfit!


Lately, I’ve found myself looking at thrift stores more often and my mind just can’t get over it! I mean the items you can find in there, for the price, is ridiculously amazing and most items are in such a good quality no doubt for every thrift I’ve visited! This Jacket bellow, is one of those. So in love with the large scale, golden bronze, print leaves on the front, and those flower buttons, oh my!



Anything like that neck piece , is all you need, forget the earrings, if your necklace is literally bigger than your outfit… it’s a statement! I love how it’s simply fall ready though, superb! Don’t you think?


Ugh… but this new obsession of small sized handbags though… I really wanted to match this cross-body glossy, leather bag with my leather shoes it just gives that ‘something’s missing’ part which compliments this look well.


There’s also something about these shoes; this one time, I kept saying to myself ‘no you’re not getting this’ on top of that feeling regret if I don’t, it had to be this pair of Leather High Tops and they were on the men’s section at Primark, because, simply I’m a tall person, foot size EU42-44, that can’t easily find a ‘women’s section’ shoes that fit right from  various of stores! It had to be them.(*whispers* the struggle is real…)


The zip detail and the shark-like teeth under the sole is everything, what makes this pair unique, if you’re a guy and loves zipped style I would recommend!


What I Am Wearing

Rimmel London on the Lips

Vintage Necklace from Thrift (Limited Edition)

Wristwatch by ID London

Leather Crop Top from Primark (No longer in stock)

Glossy Cross-body bag from John Lewis (No longer in stock online)

Vintage Jacket by Your Sixth Sense

White Ankle Jeans by Denim Co.

Leather High Tops from Primark (No longer in stock online)