Well summer is almost ending… Trees are still green, the sea will always be blue… 

Dedicating this post to the beautiful July… 

It’s been a while since I shared the love of my other side… I did however say that my photography blog would be back a few weeks ago, (said and never done) LOL but unfortunately my laptop broke down on me, and most of us know how tough it is to do various of things on your smartphone or whatever… especially if you are a really social person like my guilty self here… LOL. Safe to say that I was busy on and off, hopefully this way sums it up and you can finally catch up with all my artwork.

”And finally got a new PC, I don’t trust laptops anymore…” and that’s what she said…

As of now, I am currently updating my facebook art blog and it should be back live in less than 2 weeks. I am so happy to share this with you! It’s one of those things I enjoy doing most other than fashion and it is a huge part of my life, as you can probably already tell…  it’s a plus if you know me in person! 🙂

Be happy and take more photos, capture those special moments because they can remind you so many memories to smile and think about! 

Check out a few pictures I took during the last week of July, we did have a few beautiful sunsets that I am so glad I captured them, nature never fails to amaze me, never underestimate mother earth!


Breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s! 

We all know how important breakfast is in our lives… I cannot skip breakfast, like ever, even if it has to be in the evening, if I gets too busy! 

I am currently in bed finishing up this post from yesterday morning, have been quite ill the past days with this weather… but better late than never they say…:)

So we have been talking about heading in to that restaurant from a long while and we finally had time, and went in for breakfast! The food was delicious! But I am not going to say much on this thread… you need to go in foryourself!

While heading in, you will find the interior design, rather bizarre, with old picture frames hanging on the walls everywhere! Beautiful scent, and the bar is gorgeous, for soft drinks… for us. But sure you will love a good wine if you are more of a spirit/alcohol based person…

We had the Veggie Breakfast with hot chocolate and with cream, of course, I was really amazed by how beautifuly they made it, maltsters to top it up! Yes! Seems like a good deal! 

It’s a good place if you are stopping by Leeds!

It can be quite hard, as being a vegetarian, to find a place where there is suitable food for you to have a bite. So I totally recommend this place! Anywhere in the planet! No matter veggie or not! Surely you will find something that’s worth your hunger basically! Lol

Have you been at F&B’s before? What would you eat? Are you Vegetarian? 🙂




Quick Last Minute Christmas Preps! (Pinterest)

Many of us may not had enough time for this year’s Christmas decorations! I  was one of the, I would not spend much on Christmas shopping either… I done a few for myself just for the spirit really! You do not always have to decorate… every house needs cool decorations to feel home, this will also be a good idea; perhaps to use on your own crafting skills if you haven’t tried any already…

”A little sparkle does the trick…”

Here I put just a few of my most favourites, findings that caught my eyes… from Pinterest. It sure is a delight! These quick and easy ideas will do just right! A picture a thousands words, use your imagination… 🙂

 ”Just in time for Christmas…”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



The holiday countdown is ticking away at rapid speed. This time of year can definitely get a bit overwhelming, what with holiday parties, shopping, baking, crafting, and all things festive. If you're hosting a holiday meal and want to make your table extra-special for your guests but don't have the time or budget to go all out on an elaborate tablescape, don't fret. Here are 11 simple last-minute holiday centerpiece ideas that will wow your guests.:
This has always seemed like the greatest idea of them all. Simple and not only festive…



Even without a tree, pretty ornaments can still be on display. @nordstromrack #nordstromrack:
So, get a string and put up all the rest of your wreaths that didn’t fit on your tree, hanging on the walls!


Such a great idea for kids to do for Christmas! Aline Check more at http://hrenoten.com:
Hands and paint, need I say much? It’s messy but quick…


Door for first grade classroom:
How cute is this? All you need is glue or blutack to make your door festive


Naked Wire Lights made into wreath. Christmas:
The quickest! Get yourself a meter or so of battery-infused lights and wrap them around a string and voila!


Get In Advance And Get Ready For Christmas With These Thirty Magic Do-it-yourself Christmas Decorations | Ak Decoration:
You can also use straws or anything else similar!



Summer Time Memories! (featuring NYC polishers)

Not very recently, I saw a bundle of nail polishers and I got stuck like glue, on that part I just had to get them all. I am not a professional, but if there is one thing I love about it, is that it’s art itself and as an artist I love to create and play with colours. It is safe to say that I can be very girly at times, I do love get my nails coloured, it’s fun even though the process takes time and that’s why I am not doing it a lot. I often prefer of just a top coat over my nails to keep them looking cute.

I love this cosmetic brand, their nail products are off the top! I must say it dries in less than a minute which is awesome!

I decided I should go ahead with a picture tutorial on how I done this week’s nails. I am missing summer at the moment; who else? -As you may already know, I was born during summer (August 8th), so it is by far the greatest season of every year, (for me at least…) especially here in England, that we are rarely ever getting the full pleasure of summer … Our typical England weather, that is, if you are around… lol

Nature is like my best friend…


I was inspired by the trees, I just love the branches of a tree and I love mother earth; with a bit of twist of turquoise tips, just like the classic ‘french’ style with white tips. 



  1. I apply the base in all nails, let it dry for a few seconds.
  2. I applied the blue glitter on small and the index finger and let it dry and then add the turquoise at the tips, just a bold line ‘freehand’.
  3. For the branch style, I used small piece of paper and then fold it, to use as tool my way, to draw out the lines. Just one big drop of the green varnish to the centre of the nail, it does not have to be the same but creative. I then applied the blue glitter on top. I let it dry and apply top coat.

It’s such a simple idea for beginners too 🙂


Get available colours here 


My New Ombre Curly Hair

It is new month, new crafts, and, the clocks went an hour backwards last week Sunday, as we are slowly reaching in, to this winter season once again this year and can you believe it is already November? 2016 sure went by so soon (as per every year) but I do believe this year went faster than any other! Lol. Can’t wait to share with you all of my Seasonal things, but on this thread it’s this hair I want to talk more about of as current hairstyle.

”I change hair often”

…said every woman who does so!

If you have been following my hair journey for a while, then you probably already know my signature hairstyle, which is called a Mohawk (a haircut, with hair usually only in the middle of your head, some ending at begining of spinal cord) but, with very long hair extensions installed in which I will talk more of that in depth very soon. As you may already know, I make wigs, so, I am so looking forward in modifying this one I bought, as I can never be happy whenever I purchase a full weave/wig.


I thought to give it a break from all of my bold hair colours for a little while and get to wear on a weave, or, wig? sSame thing to me, takes me back to where I used to wear all sort of wigs (the ones with the full bangs) oh, those were the days…


See me in a outfit in this lace top here


Let me know what you think of this hairstyle and would you rock a similar?