Peacocks In Awe

My recent visit to Peacocks and honestly I was in awe.. but really how gorgeous are these embroidered loafers?! I am not a ”flat shoes person” but I definitely need to include loafers in my closet for sure! Love all things golden so that handbag at the bag would absolutely look good matched with these loafers along with a simple black dress and a cute jacket! Just imagine the look…

Loafers here | Tote Bag Here


How to Mix Prints & Still Look Fab!

In here, we are in the fashion world, where mixing prints can be veryย tricky, but oh-so-fab!

Last night, I did a little more research on printing and printed clothing,ย to feed my brain in inspiration, the mission has been happily accomplished! I have selected the most fabulous looks inย lovely prints and colours too for you! This will give you an idea of how to mix and match the correct way. It’s good to get more inspiration in prints if you are already on this particular level too!

Don’t just mix randomly or over do it, this will be a mistake…ย unless you know exactly what you’re doing and how. Mixing prints in different colours is a great way of showing colours and still look fantastic and bold. Most importantly, keep it simple in the mixing ladies and gents!

ย RV

–Check outย my best picks bellow.–


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Simple and elegant, without a doubt

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4 Fashion & Style Sites You Should Check Out!

On my recent online research into fashion mags, ideas and designs, I have come across some beautiful magazine-like websites that I have never known in my life before, which is quite cool, though there are tons of fashion and lifestyle sites on theย planet that most of them share a similar kind of aesthetic. You click a link and it takes you there, even going through keywords via search engines, (Just google it!) typical research kind of thing that we all do!

On to that note, I wanted to share with you four of my so far new favourites, not just an inspiration but also a place to stop by and shop. As seen on my desktop!


The items on this site are so simple and so stylish, which I myself have began to truly adore. Their products are a bit high priced, that’s if you are looking to buy an item by Maje! The designs sort of have a 70’s feel to them which isย cool, fashion comes and goes.

Click on the logo above to visit their website!





Artimondo, Italian,ย looks like a cool place, one of thoseย online, handmade productsย made by various of people from all over the world, which I find interesting,ย similar to etsy!

Click on the logo above to visit their website!




Such a big bargain, this is the one, you can shop till you drop, tons of cool clothing items! Eachย item is so different in style,ย speaks true to personality, it is so high street!

Click on the logo above to visit their website!


Leave the best for last, if you know me, you know how much of a classic-like type of person I am, from Vintage to gothic, punk-ish, you can’t win! This online store provides the alternative site of fashion which is also a great place to look at alternative designs, there is never enough inspiration!

Click on the logo above to visit their website!