Halloween 2018

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all well…

So, this is probably my best Halloween look so far and I am not disappointed that I did give it a pretty good effort…. I’m really not into tones amount of make-up when it comes to getting dressed up for something, my day-to-day routine, is to wash my face, put on some cream, plain black liquid eyeliner and lipstick, all in 4 mins… probably that applies to most of us busy females out there. With effort comes time, you see, but here it is.

Well, this year, I dressed up as, Wednesday Addams, from the “Addams Family” ( Most friends and family, thought I was a witch ) Oh, how I love that film…! Anything which includes the sort of goth style, I’ll be interested into it! By the way I am coming up with a lot more content for this month.

My favourite sweater dress which I bought a while ago from New Look, I’m afraid to give it away, the favourite belt from Zara to keep it in place; wearing a shirt on the inside from M&S. Okay, I must confess though, I felt like a high-school teen goth there for obvious reasons, haha! But hey… Embrace your inner goth if you must!

This is my costume. I’m a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else. —Wednesday Addams

What do you think of this look? I hope you all had a cool Halloween this week, if you or your friends did dress up for it, I’d love to know in the comments down bellow if you like. ❤

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