Embracing Nature

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all well and healthy! I’ve been spending most of my time working out and eating better, I think is safe to say that I’ve never felt so strong! It’s the long weekend coming ahead, hope you are all spending it doing the things you enjoy the most!

They say the closer you are with nature the more you learn from it! And that’s the absolute truth! I have always loved nature, on earth, in trees and leaves! If I were a tree, I wouldn’t want to be near humans! We aren’t much alike!

So on to the good news! If I mentioned a bit on a previous post! “I am updating the blog” I will now begin uploading more of my photography work over here, I know it sounds mixed up. But then again fashion is art itself, just like nature is! I am a true friend of nature and I am strange and unusual… but that’s okay! ( If you are following me on Instagram it’s about the same vibe as here ) This is my personality, I hope you find that we may be alike! 🙂

Always do what you love and while so, try to embrace it!

Enjoy a few of my favourite photos taken from this week! (By the way, these ones are unedited and raw photographs taken from my iPhone 7 ) Catch you on my next post!

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