Back to Black and White

So I am back, and currently updating the blog for new content!!! Happy New Month! πŸ™‚

So all of the sudden the sun decided to come out for a few days last week *rolls eyes* which is something we don’t get that often in the most of England… and I said that before; but if we do, it’s still gonna be cold at most times! I hate the fact that I have to say you get flu often, well for most people. Unless you is just an alien from some outer place to not get ill at all… πŸ˜€

Yet again I’m finding myself to get back to my simple but eclectic taste of clothing. So I am doing a closet update and trying to put the rest of the clothes that I do not need, to give away to charity. ( How are they still so many?! ) You know what it is, you have a bunch of clothes laying somewhere there that you don’t even wear and is taking too much of your space and then you wonder why you have so many clothes!!! *sigh*

For myself, now I have found this way to be less complicated than it was, and it makes me happier, and the stress of looking for what you wear, you should try it sometimes, it helps so much! Just stick to a very few colours and go minimal for a change and it helps with easing your mind if you are a person who styles a lot.

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  1. tom says:

    beaUtifUl picture comes with its own frame

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