A Trip To London

Ahh London, my favourite place to be…


Never regretting living there for 10 years!!! It’s crazy how years go by so fast… it only feels like yesterday still. You can never forget all those long walks to certain places, faces you used to see everyday, and being a regular customer at your rather so old stores; and they do remember you once you visit some day… it’s a pretty darn good laugh!

Nowadays, whenever I plan to travel to London, it will have to be somewhere really nice… there are a few places that left spark in my heart while I was living there and I would always think of them as main choices to be heading to! This was Kensington, and what a better place to spend time inside Holland Park. If you’ve never been here, I happily recommend it as long as you’re a person who loves nature and exploring new things…

I have forever admitted that I love the outdoors… there are just so many things to explore, yet so much to capture in the memory! I think it’s safe to say that my ultimate passion after fashion, is photographing what mother earth has to offer us, see even more pictures from the trip on my art page on Instagram ( @chromabyrene )

Travel while you still can, life is all about having fun, cherishing good moments and keeping good memories through the pictures that we take.

Take more photos… X

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