Fake Furs and Prints

Smile, because it matters! 😊 What an amazing day it’s been, dressing up into something which I am comfortable in, makes me happy, nothing can beat that.

Houndstooth, a little glam and fake furs…   I got the denim cardigan and fur headwear from the thrift store. I love it there… always!

How a single item can change your whole look is fabulous. The ”split skirt” I am wearing here, is not an actual split skirt but that is between me and you… 🙂 It’s a shirt dress I got from Peacocks a little while ago. I just tied it at the back to create this look and wore a belt to keep it hold firm. I have to say that lately I have been playing with my clothes a lot more than I used to. LOL.

The weekend is near, it’s Wednesday, let’s go!


< img src=”https://renevibez.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/snapseed-3.jpg&#8221; height=”809″ class=”wp-image-8669″ width=”682″>

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