Bodycon Love

Don’t you just love bodycon dresses!?

That dress was a purchase I got from George! Oh my! I am definitely up for doing a shopping haul over my youtube account! Which is currently up for publication! 😊

Love how this dress is sexy without much on it! It hugs and creates a very firm shape over the body! Who said you can’t go right with grey! Stainless too! Incase of little accidents..  you know what I mean.

Many plus size women, will come across as to being uncomfortable in bodycon dresses because it hugs the body, but that shouldn’t make you feel any less beautiful! Wear a belt around your waist or a scarf as a belt for a change, that should help, check what I did here for an idea! 😊

Have you noticed how cute and different that mini bag is? Obviously ethnic! 🙂

A little story goes a long way…

It was from my beloved grandmother, it was given to my mother a long time ago, then my mother gave it to me and that’s when I started looking at small bags and that is why today in 2017 I am obsessed over rather small handbags! I think that they are very fashionable and I do have quite a little collection which you will see sometime soon over my blog, subscribe via email or follow the vibes over here if you don’t want to miss that special part! 🙂

We had a lovely day today… by the way,  if you missed my yesterday’s sunset that I catched and posted, check it out here




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