Breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s! 

We all know how important breakfast is in our lives… I cannot skip breakfast, like ever, even if it has to be in the evening, if I gets too busy! 

I am currently in bed finishing up this post from yesterday morning, have been quite ill the past days with this weather… but better late than never they say…:)

So we have been talking about heading in to that restaurant from a long while and we finally had time, and went in for breakfast! The food was delicious! But I am not going to say much on this thread… you need to go in foryourself!

While heading in, you will find the interior design, rather bizarre, with old picture frames hanging on the walls everywhere! Beautiful scent, and the bar is gorgeous, for soft drinks… for us. But sure you will love a good wine if you are more of a spirit/alcohol based person…

We had the Veggie Breakfast with hot chocolate and with cream, of course, I was really amazed by how beautifuly they made it, maltsters to top it up! Yes! Seems like a good deal! 

It’s a good place if you are stopping by Leeds!

It can be quite hard, as being a vegetarian, to find a place where there is suitable food for you to have a bite. So I totally recommend this place! Anywhere in the planet! No matter veggie or not! Surely you will find something that’s worth your hunger basically! Lol

Have you been at F&B’s before? What would you eat? Are you Vegetarian? 🙂




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