Mix ‘n’ Match

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between your favourites… luckily my picks for today’s look seemed like a good match! I have always loved layering too.


I love a good oversized shirt, or jacket, this has always been to me like the perfect choice for layering!

Got to love striped prints too, especially the ones in vertical lines, for a much elegant look and the illusion to extra height for some… they always give that tall illusion, and if you aren’t too tall I totally recommend ”vertical lines” it in your wardrobe. Wear the lines shaped the opposite direction and they will create the illusion of a ”shorter height” and give you extra shape too, if the shoe fits… then wear it boo.

I have to say I love this leopard style bag by Atmosphere, I actually found this one on the thrift store and then I saw the tag inside. Always a good to know whose its made by. I love cross-body bags! (Current obsession) See my latest cross-body wish list here


You have to love a cute and simple statement piece. Put on one around your neck and walk around naked!

At Claire’s stores, they have loads of fashionable items that I cannot afford to not get any, I own more than 5 pair of fashion shades from them. If you are looking for just fashion and not decoration, then Claire’s is a good place for fashionable shades!



| Flower Necklace & Belt: Thrifted | Top: Next | Outwear: Peacocks | Wristwatch: Adidas | Sunglasses: Claire’s | Bag: Atmosphere |



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  1. palettepop says:

    Wow you pulled this off so well! Very inspiring !



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