Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up!

A lot of people have asked, how do I keep my skin so clean, what products do I use and always wonder whether I wear any make-up at all. On this post I will uncover the answer as to why I don’t wear make up and why it’s not for me, so read on.

I’m one of those people, who like to keep my face out of unhealthy chemicals, it’s not like I am allergic to powder or anything but I just don’t like how heavy and uncomfortable my face feels if I am covered in all that. I never draw on my eyebrows either, I have always loved to keep it naturaly cool and a little sassy by just wearing a lipstick and a bold liner (as bold as it can get, depending on my mood) that’s all I need to be honest, a natural face is always a good face, as long as you look after it.

Look After Your Skin!Β 

I used to wear “make-up-like” powders or eye shadows, took too much of my time I cannot lie, (sometimes I may, only for fun, not everyday life) I am not a MUA , that’s totally different to make-up lovers too. I am happily not about that life. πŸ™‚

I drink loads of water as it helps with the toxins, the best deep exfoliator for the human body and the best drink you can ever have! I strictly stay away from alcohol even wine, I don’t smoke either! I drink a plant based milk, which is almond, it helps with the vitamins and the nutrients the body needs. I also love lemons, instead of a tea, hot lemon water solves all the problems. I make sure I get loads of sleep, even though I am like a night owl… (0<0) lol.

I use this light moisturiser by,Β Simple, onlyΒ Β£4.19 on Boots! Under Β£6 on other drug stores.

Not only that it feels fresh when I apply it, but it also keeps my skin hydrated, well, it does what it says no doubt! I was introduced to this by my mum, Β and ever since that day, it’s been years of use, it’s the perfect face cream if you’re in your 20’s. I have also tried using the normal moisturiser but it’s a bit heavy, so really, the light one is better especially during a stresssful day!

Have I covered enough here today? Β No? If you have any more questions let me know boo. πŸ™‚

You can alsoΒ follow my daily lifestyle onΒ Instagram!


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