Vintage Feelings

So, as I am sitting down on my velvet red covered sofa with my velvet blue blanky and my cuppa tea, thinking how cool would it have been if I had posted this post last night…  but well, you know, when you have planned for that specific day to do an OOTD, and your Wi-Fi suddenly decides to sleep on you… (one of the worst things ever) and the next day your brain goes turbo smart, thinking all you had to was reset, you guys! LOL (in most cases you have to reset either your device for signal or the Wi-Fi and restart it!) HAPPY and finally posted! 🙂 


I love all things vintage, some can tell by my style, and when it comes to that, the thrift store is my first stop for vintage clothing or things. This Golden Jacket, was one of them as soon as I saw it, it was just perfect, I had to have it eventually I did!


Love that little ‘floral thing’ that is going all over it, (I didn’t realise it was flowers until yesterday, as the ribbon part was the most attractive of the whole piece) the golden ribbon detail finish is just so glamorous and so stylish, anything like it can be matched with any dark colours, or under a coat, especially for this fall season, it’s good to keep it simple toned and not over styled up.


That chain on my wrist is one of my faves is just so simple, a statement piece, (basically, the only jewellery on this outfit as you can see, lol), you don’t want to over-do  it, especially when a part of your cloth’s already an accessory itself, and that’s one thing about wearing vintage!


All I need is a cover up, this poncho bellow, is perfect for these new fall nights, such a vintage and glamorous knit in my opinion!


This world map inspired cross-body bag is made so beautifully, and it’s so neutral, it’s quite small but it has enough space to carry all the essential stuff. And again, this is one of my thrift finds, seriously, they’ve got good quality things. They have this ‘vintage feeling’ theme going on… that’s just how I feel. 🙂


Those leather boots were made for walking, and that’s what I did. They are super comfy and warm on the inside, and I must say the zipper part is such an inspiring piece just like a braid. The perfect booties as we fall into autumn…


What I Am Wearing

Golden Lipstick BF Cosmetics

Chain from River Island (Not in Stock online)

Poncho by River Island (Not in stock online)

Cross-body purse by Alan Edward (similar products)

Vintage shirt by Bonmarche (Not in stock online)

White Vest from Topshop (here)

Sweatpants from Sports Direct (here)

Boots from New Look (similar)


I had so much fun with this one, I have so many things going on apart from dressing up going out and taking pictures and working, but I’ll try to do at least 2 OOTD’s a week!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, let me know what you think.

Your feedback is always appreciated!


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